Career of Fashions

Career of Fashions It is with number of roles and positions you can play in the fashion industry. When you become a fashion fan you can enter in to the fashion world and use it as a career. In the fashion world any body can take part in marketing production and designing fashion designer are of 3 types namely, Apparel, Footwear and Accessory. Foot wear designers Have become main fashion making people, because it can make any person attractive with the shoes. The 1st look in for legs and feet of women makes a appealing feeling. So I can design shoes matching the colour and shape of men women and kids. That is the career you can go with. Apparel designers This is also very important in the industry. Clothing for lingerie, sportswear, casual wear with high fashion culture is a must for the demand. Accessory designer These designers have to design for handbags, hats, gloves scares and jewelry. It is also a superb career if are clever in designing. Production and Marketing The production of fashionable clothing is a massive work consisting of various jobs Merchandiser. He is the person who buy raw materials selecting fabric textiles and trims he plays a lcey role in the industry. Pattern maker produces and maintain pattern maker produces and maintain patterns garment that designer has sketched one. He is also a lucky person. For the more pattern graders have specialized creating size speufications for different sizes Technical designer. He is the person who checks the fittings of the garment hi is not the designer but he is the expert in providing a hernatie to the garment to improve me fithing of garment. Fitting Models Footwear and garments should be comfort and stylish. The most important part in the industry is the precise fitting furthermore this is a very attractive career, and some companies look for sampling models from kids, men and women. Quality controller (Q.C.) and planner Q.C. looks at the quality of the finished product. But he had to check the raw materials and the peeling, shrinking colour fading of the finished product. Furthermore the planner is the person who plan the market for the coming season.