Marketing the product

The sale may be whole sale or retail but this is a another very essential part of the marketing industry personnel bears the responsibility to promote the product in the changing world. 1.Retail merchandiser or the fashion buyer This is the person who buy the products (ready made) to sell in the market. They have the contact with the customers demand. They have to buy the right product that can make profit by the sale. 2.Specialist of showroom sales He should know the seasonal returning customer better and can give information’s on the selling collections. Showroom displaying their collection for fashion buyer. 3.Boutique owner / Retail stores manager He faces the retail customers daily. Some other related professions Other than designing producing or marketing are writer of fashion magazines, online bloger sites on reviews recommendation followings are the other related occupations. Fashion writers’ personal stylists and fashion event management. Beside the above mentioned jobs there many other opportunities get the opportunities and live with fashion career.