Top 4 Cloud Based Operating Systems 2018

A few may find this method old fashioned, taking into consideration the availability of solutions like Box and Dropbox – or more significantly, Google Docs. Google Docs has been broadening its storage space, and its features. Is there truly a need to imitate a desktop operating system while what you actually need is universal access to your own files? The trend in the direction of cloud storage is mirrored in the marketing and advertising materials from the cloud OS suppliers. CloudMe has been concentrating on its cloud storage features over its Web desktop in the latest months. Glide is the most outstanding of the lot, but without having offline mobile access, I can’t consider of a purpose I’d use it. In 2008 the Web desktop YouOS shut down its doors simply because its own programmers couldn’t find a use for it them selves. What do you feel? Is there any future in the Web-based OS?